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Pond removal, grading/drainage, sod installation & retaining wall!

April 8, 2022

Pedro and his team are incredibly thorough! We couldn’t be happier with the not only the workmanship but the professional suggestions and honest thoughts on what would work best for our yard. He doesn’t do what is best for them, he wants us, the customers, to be happy. He goes above and beyond to make sure what he does meets your expectations and makes sure it’s done right. His team works with precision and it shows! I can’t wait for warmer weather to be upon us so we can get outside and enjoy our new backyard! If you’re looking for a landscaper who will keep your best interests in mind give Luna a call! If you’re looking for communication with a landscaper, look no further. Pedro will call you back same day, usually within the same hour. If you’ve been calling landscapers you’ll know that just doesn’t happen with others.

Jeannette & John Fischer

Cobblestone Paver Patio(s), Landscape Granite Stone Border Installation

February 23, 2022

Luna Lawn Care replaced my backyard, brick patio that was improperly installed fifty years ago. Pedro provided stone suggestions from a Milwaukee based vendor’s brochures and samples. We decided to view the stone in person, to determine the textures and colors in person. We chose cobblestone pavers, with Pedro suggesting a distinctive brick border. That was an amazing addition. Pedro and Clementi removed the old bricks, then properly prepared the base with crushed stone, taking into consideration the drainage angle away from the house. The patio surface consists of a short walkway from the breezeway to a rectangular patio – 485 square feet overall. Clementi is a master of his craft. He was constantly adjusting the drainage angle, before, during and after compressing the crushed stone. His work ethic and craftsmanship (stonecutting) are outstanding. Stone required cuts around oval window wells and maintaining the cobblestone paver pattern. Once the pavers and bricks were installed, the area was tamped down before, during and after polymeric sand was used to fill the paver and brick joints. During the patio installation we decided to install a granite stone border along flower and planting beds surrounding the house. The accent of granite stone is a highlight to the overall home landscape, often complemented by neighbors. The stone border is slightly raised from ground level with a compressed, crushed stone base. In addition to the granite border, Clementi installed a small patio adjacent to a porch and brick accents to a lamp pole and mailbox. We are extremely pleased with Pedro’s and Clementi’s hardscaping; their work is quality and anticipate will last for decades. We highly recommend Luna Lawn Care hardscaping work!

Bob & Chris O'Brien

Sod installion

September 21, 2021

Had an area of my yard that needed to be redone after having sidewalks replaced. Luna came in and regraded the area and laid new sod. Also built a block ring around around a tree in the middle of this area that came out beautifully. I love their work, and would highly recommend this group to anyone looking to have a landscaping project no matter how big or small.


New backyard

September 18, 2021

Luna has been the best landscape company we’ve worked with. I now have a backyard I can enjoy with family and friends. The patio turned out better than I expected. They were able to put in my custom made fire ring and I love it.

Nagel, April M

Mulch for large yard with many flower beds

June 16, 2021

This is the first time I have used Luna Lawn Care Services and I am very pleased with the quality of their work and their dedication to excellence. We have over 300 perennials in our yard and Luna Lawncare installed mulch without burying them or breaking them. Over the course of 15 years of hiring out our mulch installation this has been the best experience we have had. Pedro promised the job of 27 yards of mulch would be completed in one day and he delivered on that commitment, I would highly recommend using Luna Lawn Care!

Penny Timm

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