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Lawn Fertilization in Milwaukee

Lawn Fertilization in Milwaukee

Think of your lawn like a quiet, green pet. You can tell when your lawn is healthy, because its grass is bright and green and tall (just like you can tell when your pet’s fur is shiny and thick). You can tell when your lawn is unhealthy, because it’s growing weeds or has insect infestation (like when your pet has matted fur or fleas!). You wouldn’t give your pet substandard food, would you? Well, the same goes for your lawn. Your lawn needs the proper nutrition in order to be healthy and strong.

That means fertilization is essential. But it’s hard to know what’s right for your lawn, or to even find the time to fertilize. Luckily for you, there’s Luna Lawn Care Services. We’re the fertilization professionals, and we’ll give your lawn the TLC it needs to be beautiful and healthy. Our hardworking staff members are trained and skilled in all areas of lawn care and maintenance. We’re like veterinarians for your lawn. So, are you ready for a check-up?

Luna Lawn Care Services Can Help You Understand Your Lawn’s Needs

Unfortunately, your lawn can’t purr or growl to let you know when it’s happy or upset. You have to study the physical differences. You might be dealing with dehydrated grass, discoloration, or even weeds. Thankfully, our lawn treatment services are specially formulated to tackle all your issues. Our fertilization team will work hard to make sure we target the problem before it gets out of hand. We can recommend organic lawn fertilizer, chemical, natural, or even a special fertilizer that increases grass growth while reducing weed growth.

Which Lawn Fertilizer is Right for You?

Choosing the right lawn fertilizer is like choosing the right pet food. You wouldn’t grab any random bag off the shelf. You need something that’s just right for your lawn. As the lawn care experts, we’ve done our research on soil types, grass types, and other factors that go into choosing the best fertilizer. We’ll work closely with you and examine your property to better understand your lawn’s specific needs. Your lawn might be like a Great Dane who needs natural, hearty fertilizer like manure.

Or it could be like a fussy Persian cat who needs specially formulated chemical fertilizer. It could even be a mutt who thrives on a mix of the two. What’s important is that your lawn gets the nutrients it needs, like potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. We’ll work hard and do our research to ensure your lawn is fertilized correctly.

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When it comes to your lawn, you deserve the best. You can’t be satisfied with amateurs or “DIY” work. That’s why you need the best lawn service near you: Luna Lawn Care Services. All of our hardworking staff members are fully trained and qualified in residential landscaping, and we’re dedicated to giving you our best work. We always give it a hundred percent to make sure you’re satisfied. That’s why we’re one of the leading lawn service companies in Milwaukee. And the best part is that we do house calls!