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Hardscapes in Kenosha

Beautify your property with customized hardscaping additions designed and installed by the professionals at Luna Lawn Care Services. Our landscaping and hardscaping contractors specialize in a full range of hardscaping features and services to enhance the aesthetic of any property.

Our hardscaping features are constructed using the most effective and efficient materials, providing outstanding and long-lasting results. From retaining walls to beautiful patios and terraces, your hardscapes will perfectly reflect your property.

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Hardscapes Create the Perfect Landscape

Unlike conventional landscaping additions, hardscaping refers to the build elements of landscaping, like patios, driveways, gazebos and light fixtures. It involves creating permanently beautiful features that will remain for years. It adds a distinctive and distinguished touch to any property location. Whether you wish to install a retaining wall, patio, terrace, flower bed, garden edging, or walkway, hardscaping allows you to enjoy the outdoor splendors of your property like never before.

Luna Lawn Care Services provides the best hardscaping services to make your property look great. Read on to learn about all we do.

Choose the Hardscape Professionals

We’ll consult with you every step of the way to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want. We’ll take extra care and pay attention to detail to make sure everything meets your expectations.

Our team constructs and installs with patience and efficiency, minimizing any disruptions to your property. We then provide a careful inspection and clean-up, ensuring everything is to your liking. In no time, your hardscaping features will be ready to enjoy for decades to come.

Let Your Creativity Come Alive with Hardscape Designs

The specialists at Luna Lawn Care Services offer the highest quality designs. Let your creativity shine. Whether you want an archway, new patio, or doghouse, our hardworking staff members will give it one hundred percent to make sure your dream is fulfilled. We’ll work closely with you to better understand your vision, and then use our skills and experience to execute it.

Hardscapes Tailored for Your Needs

Our services are customized to each property, recognizing that no two are alike.

At the initial consultation, we guide you through extensive options for hardscaping features. Your designs will be customized to your tastes and values. We then proceed with outstanding workmanship, leaving no detail overlooked. We build outstanding hardscapes using a combination of proven building techniques and the latest building materials and equipment.

Extensive Range of Hardscape Additions

When we arrive at your property, we try to get a sense of the hardscaping features you value most. We consider both the practical and aesthetic aspects of your features and aim to get you more use of your outdoor living space.

We design hardscaping features such as retaining walls, patios, and even water features. Our hardscaping products are constructed using brick, stone, and other materials. You can achieve a customized look by choosing the colors and patterns you like best.

Hardscaping Features Kenosha

Interspersed with living plants, furniture and decorative elements, hardscaping lends practicality to an otherwise unstructured space. It’s nice to explore a well-landscaped yard, but without paths and privacy features, it can be difficult for you to enjoy exterior areas for long periods. These are some of the vital aspects that turn your yard from an OK space into an ideal place to relax in while surrounded by nature:

  • Pavers: These can be patios or decks, driveways or walking paths. Hardscapes offer a subtle yet clear indication where feet are allowed to tread.
  • Retaining Walls: Either decorative or functional, walls are important for delineating space. Many are also structural, such as retaining walls that corral the natural landscape.
  • Water Features: Most of these decorative features include rocks and other stonework and can be the centerpiece of your landscape.
  • Stairways: Steps grant you safer access to all corners of your yard or outdoor space.
  • Fences: They make good neighbors while granting privacy for you and your guests as well.
  • Pergolas: These attractive structures offer a protected architectural place to enjoy the sun.

Hardscaping Materials that Beautify Your Outdoor Space

The colors and textures found in hardscaping materials and stonework add a level of beauty to any yard, no matter which ones you choose to incorporate into the design. Consider these materials when planning your next project:

  • Concrete: Current techniques in stamping and staining elevate this grey staple into a resource for high design.
  • Wood: Available in myriad colors and grains, wood is a top choice if you appreciate naturalistic elements. In addition, it can be treated to last for decades despite weather exposure.
  • Brick: Masonry of all kinds can be pressed into service as intricate patio pavers, seating, walls or other essential yard components.
  • Stone: Slate tiles, decorative boulders or cozy rock fire pits all fit nicely into an ideal landscape design. Outdoor kitchens can benefit from the durability of quartz countertops.
  • Metal: From wrought iron gates to modernist benches, the shimmer of metal brings elegance to any outdoor space. When you picture a beautiful yard in your mind, chances are that metal elements are part of the vision.

Hardscaping Specialists with Years of Dependable Experience

We have been serving homes and businesses in the Kenosha area for several years and have developed an excellent reputation for the high quality of our services.

We provide property owners with a customized, personal approach, prompt availabilities, and great rates. We have many areas of expertise and streamline the process of hardscape installation.

You can be confident that we have the experience and passion for transforming your property!

Beautify Your Kenosha Property with the Hardscaping Specialists

If you’re considering the beauty of custom hardscaping features for your Kenosha property, the company to call is Luna Lawn Care Services. We can enhance your property with impressive, elegant features that will offer incredible durability for years to come!

Start Your Hardscape Project Today with Luna Lawn Care Services

Our staff at Luna Lawn Care Services is ready to help you get started on your hardscaping projects. From traditional wooden decks to slate tile patios, we can help you envision the possibilities and then see the project through to the end. Give us a call today and learn more about transforming your yard into the outdoor oasis of your dreams.