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Luna Lawn Care Services’s Residential Garden Design

Does your lawn make you yawn? Has your garden lost its “flower power”? We can help! Our landscape design services will turn your garden into a thing of beauty. Our hardworking team of landscape contractors have the skills, talent, and vision to make your garden into the backyard paradise you’ve always dreamed about. We have the experience, training, and most of all, the artistic eye necessary to make your visions come to life in your own backyard.

Garden Planning With Luna Lawn Care Services

Nothing is more welcoming than a gorgeous garden or flower bed. It conveys a sense of beauty, care, and a communion with nature. With so many beautiful types of flowers, you can create a specific mood or theme for your garden. Plus, you’ll always have a source of lovely fresh flowers for your home. Luna Lawn Care Services is ready give you the garden of your dreams. But first, what is the garden of your dreams?

Exotic and unique

You favor unique and rare plants like orchids and tiger lilies. A mixture of fresh greens and high contrast flowers will turn your backyard into an exotic getaway from everyday life.

Soft and romantic

You gravitate towards the classics like roses, violets, and irises. Soft pastel hues like pink, purple, and white will turn your garden into a romance novel come to life.


You have an easygoing personality and aren’t the least bit stuck-up. Daisies, petunias, and daffodils will make your day and create the sweetest bouquets.

Bright and vibrant

You are a cheerful soul who brightens up everyone you meet with your sunny smile. Hibiscus, tulips, and even sunflowers will give your garden the lively look you cherish.

Calm and relaxing

You love to sip chamomile tea. Perhaps you practice yoga or meditation. An outdoor garden sprinkled with jasmine, hydrangeas, and lavender will activate your peace of mind and give you a space to breathe and refresh.

Whatever your needs, our garden planner will work with you to give you the space you need. We’ll listen to you and use your vision to create garden architecture perfectly tailored to your unique personality.

Contact Luna Lawn Care Services Today for Backyard Design Done Right

We have what it takes you give you the backyard you want. We’re a highly trained and skilled team of local landscapers. We have experience in backyard design, installation, planning, planting, and maintenance. We’re not just landscape contractors, we’re artists.

We go above and beyond to create something that’s more than functional. We’ll give you something beautiful. Something you can cherish for years to come. Something you can show off with pride to friends and family. All we need is you and your dreams for your garden. Contact us today to start the beginning of your journey to a beautiful garden and a better life.

When you want superior garden design services, call Luna Lawn Care Services. We’re more than your garden variety landscapers.